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**you should do this!**

1:  How did you get your DEV username?::
I heard the term used in the movie "Nutty Professor" and thought it was hilarious and awesome.

2.  How many deviations do you have? (go to your statistics to find this out)::

3.  How long have you been Devious?::
Since mid 2004.

4.  How did you discover DA?::
My friend :iconhakaichou: introduced me to it back in our junior year of high school.  I guess she used to use mediaminer but switched for some reason. mediaminer even still around?


5.  Give us the link so we can see it!::

:bulletpink: :bulletpink:

6.  Tell me about this piece.::
It's fanart from Disney's Silly Symphony The Cookie Carnival.  Check it out on Youtube, it's really well done!  The artists used it to practice animating realistic girls for their upcomming Snow White.  Basically it's the 2 main characters human-i-fied in my own style.  

7:  Was it made with anyone in mind?::
Not for anyone in mind but it was a fitting piece for the coinciding Valentine's Day.  Shit dude...has it really been that long since I've actually drawn?


8.  Give us the link so we can see it!  Don't be embarassed! ^^ ::

:bulletpink: :bulletpink:

9.  Tell me about this piece.::
Nothing special.  Just some annoyed looking girl I drew in my 11th grade Algebra class.

10.  How old is this piece and do you think you've improved since creating this?::
It's about 7 years old and I've definitely improved.  Her face has no definition.  Also, the nose is funky.

YOUR 10TH TO THE LAST DEVIATION (count backwards 10 deviations from your most recent)

11.  Give us the link so we can see it!::

:bulletpink: :bulletpink:

12.  Tell me about this piece::
It was back when I used to go on iScribble a lot.  Those were some fun times!  I used to like causing outrageous hilarious conflict in people's RPs.  All in good fun.  Anyway, after a good round of causing mayhem, everyone in the room decided to draw a family portait.  Since I didn't have a character I used to regularly represent myself, I drew the pregnant woman on the right.  Also the green and yellow creatures.  That was a really fun I wanna go back to iScribble.

13.  Would you ever hang it on your wall?::
It is a pretty cool drawing.  If I knew the people IRL I could see it happening but since I don't have a strong emotional attachment to</b>


14.  What do your scraps mainly consist of?::

Mostly stuff from high school.  Dude, I'd forgotten that I used to be able to submit video's here.  Can't believe it's still there.

15.  Do you submit works in progress?::
There is one in there.  But usually no, I don't.


16.  What kinds of things do you tend to fave?::

Generally cartoon fan arts and drawings of couples (fan art and nonfanart).  But there are a few other things in there too.  

19.  Give us the link to the piece that is YOUR personal favorite from YOUR gallery::
:bulletpink: :bulletpink:

20.  Tell me about this piece::
It's from 2008 and it's definitely NOT my best piece.  The anatomy is a little wonky.  But it is my favorite.  Who doesn't love an Ash x Misty pairing in the non typical style?  Plus, it was the first time I colored with my Wacom tablet and I thought it was pretty good.  Simple but effective.  Also, it was the first time I had drawn a kissing couple that didn't come out looking dumb.  I always have a hard time drawing the head tilt.  Actually this piece probably could use more head tilt on Misty's part but that's okay.  I like it anyhow.


23.  How often do you comment?::

Not very.  A lot of times, the piece is really nice but I hate leaving comments like "OMG I LERVVVV THIS." and really that's all there is to say.

24.  What was the last thing someone drew FOR YOU?::
Before leaving on my vacation to Disney World over the spring, I traded "I'm really going to miss you but I'll see you soon" type drawings with this person.  He drew random everyday objects that have faces in them if you look closely.  C'mon.  You've never seen a face in the arrangement of buttons in a car or in the windows of buildings?

25.  Do you make a lot of journal entries?::
No.  And mostly I only use them for surveys.  I used to archive all my Myspace survey's here back in the Myspace days because they are fun to look back on.

26.  How often do you check DEV?::
It depends.  Sometimes every day, sometimes once a week, sometimes, every few varies.

27.  What is your favorite thing to draw?::
Females are fun to draw.

28.  Could you foresee making art a career?::
No.  Especially living in Hawaii, there's just no way.

29.  When was the last time you collaborated with someone to create art?::
Some months ago, I was collaborating with this dude to create some silly, wacky, Mickey Mouse parody comic but after a while, I couldn't figure out where to take the story line and we stopped making it.  I've never been very good at coming up with story lines.

30.  Do you have a Wacom tablet?::
Yes, it is a godsend!  But what I really want is a Cintiq!  Ugh...but it's sooo expensive...

31.  When was the last time you drew a dinosaur?::
Actually maybe about 2 months ago?  :iconhakaichou: asked me to draw a dinosaur making a sandwich.

32.  When was the last thing you drew FOR SOMEONE?::
  I drew :iconpsychocidel: 's original Shark character for his birthday but I FAILED! :(  I got the coloring all wrong.  Oh well!

33.  Heh heh...have you ever drawn teh pr0n??  o.O  **snicker**::
Okay this is something no one wants to admit to but I think a lot of artists have at some point.  Especially those who enjoy drawing humans.   It's not like it was even raunchy or hardcore with bodily fluids flying all over the creation.  It really wasn't hyper graphic at all...not like some of that furry stuff you see out there.  It was more...passionate?  Even sweet?    I've faved a few drawings of similar nature and I just  don't consider it porn.  I once saw someone here on the Dev refer to it as romantic nudity and I guess that's a pretty good way to describe it.    Porn is kind of animalistic...just emotions.  The kind of art I'm talking about...I  see it as 2 people who care about each other displaying their affections for one another physically and there's nothing wrong with that.  Yeah,  Some might argue that it's still  the smex but that emotional connection makes it different, it just does! makes sense in my head.  Think of it this way.  You know the scene in Titanic where Jack and Rose are doing it in the car?  Did you consider that porn?  No right?     There, I've gotten you to agree with me.  Also, drawing people lacking in the clothing department really helps with practicing drawing the human body.  There's nothing to hide under so you have to make sure you've got all the parts looking anatomically correct.

34.  GROSS!::
Really? to be me I guess!

35.  What got you into drawing?::
I don't know really...possibly Disney movies?  It's definitely influenced my style.    I've just always enjoyed drawing from the time I was a child.

36.  Would you ever consider taking down your gallery and leaving permanently?::
Nah.  I might disappear for a bit every now and then but I'd never take everything down.  Too much work.  Plus, there are a few things on here that I've lost the original files for so if I were to take them down, I'd never see it again.

37.  Have you joined any clubs here on the DEV?::
:iconhakaichou: and I founded the Hawaii club back in high school.  I'm also in a few cartoon clubs as well as a couples-fans club.

38.  Have you ever been paid to do art?::
Not in the commission sense.  But I used to draw for the kids all the time when I worked summer fun and I got paid so...yeah.  Also when there is nothing to do at my current job, I will doodle on the clock.

39.  Do you ever go back and redraw old pieces to see how you've improved?::
I've done that a few times.  You can find those pieces in my gallery.  It's definitely fun to look back on.  There is this group of 6 girls eating at a diner that I've drawn 3 times.  I haven't redrawn it in a while though because I feel like I haven't improved that much since the last time I drew them.  You can check out my last attempt at the link and from there it will take you to my previous attempts. :bulletgreen: :bulletgreen:

40.  What art meme's have you done?::
I love doing memes!  I've done the Time Warp, a Disney meme, a style meme, and of course the infamous Nyu's meme.  I love looking at other people's memes too.  There was an Interestella 5555 meme on here which I was suprised to see but it wasn't that good so I'm not gonna do it.  I've been meaning to do the music meme for some time now.  You know.  The one where you put your playlist on shuffle and draw anything pertaining to whatever song comes up for the duration of that song.

41.  Any parting words?::
This was a good way to waste time and you should do this too!
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psychocidel Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011
Aww, the shark wasn't that much of a failure...

Was just the color, nothing too bad.
JelloArms Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2011
I was actually thinking of coloring in nicely in Photoshop to see how it would turn out but I've been lazy.
hakaichou Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist
that was interesting to read! I want to see your Mickey parody!! XP
JelloArms Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011
Thanks! It was fun to fill out. You should do it too, I would love to read yours! As for the Mickey comic...hmm...maybe someday I'll post it. I'd have to ask the co-artist to see if he was okay with me putting it up here. But anyway, you should do this! I would love you forever!!!!! Not that I don't already love you forever, but I would love your forever AND EVER!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
hakaichou Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2011  Hobbyist
btw, you've been very inspiring to me, I thought you should know. I'm glad to see you still continuing to draw and I've always admired your drawings and coloring and basically everything!!! I'm only now learning to use a tablet (late!!) but I remember when you first got your tablet and that is encouraging X3 These are not lies, btw :hug:
Juno-Uno Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
Hehe normally I don't like filling out surveys/chain letter thingies, but this one is actually pretty interesting.
I shall steal this and try to answer them by tonight!
JelloArms Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011
Cool! I shall definitely check it out. It was really fun!
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