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Silly Comic from 2004 p.5 by JelloArms Silly Comic from 2004 p.5 by JelloArms
Just archiving something from April-May ish of 2004.

Back in my junior year of high school, my friend who refers to herself as "Hakai" :iconhakai-kun: decided we would make a comic based on some dudes we hung out with in the mornings and in band class. The idea was that they were in their 20s and roomates (except one of em anyway). We kept their personalities and look but changed their names. Alas, our comic idea didn't last very long. I didn't even get to the part where I was going to put characters representing me and Hakai in. But these 4 pages sure were fun to make! I must say though, that you might actually only find this amusing if you know the people this was based off of.

This last page was the result of showing my friends the previous page. They complained that the Super Platinum Shield was such a dumb sounding name for a game weapon. Which I'll admit, after some thought, it did sound dumb. What was I thinking? What can I say, I don't know much about video game weaponry.

So here we have Mitch breaking the 4th wall and complaining about me, the comic artist. Back in 2004, I used to go by the alias "Lie Chan" here on the Dev, (I thought having a spiffy Asian sounding name was the thing to do...thats peer presure for ye) so that's where the "Lie" comes in. No it's not pronounced lie as in "I told a lie." It's the last half of my name, Kellie.

Btw just so it's out there, I have no problem with gays. It's just in my high school, it was really common for one to say "that's gay" when referring to something dumb or lame or whatever.

:bulletblue:PAGE 1:bulletblue: [link]

:bulletblue:PAGE 2:bulletblue: [link]

:bulletblue:PAGE 3:bulletblue: [link]

:bulletblue:PAGE 4:bulletblue: [link]
GoodJobRob Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2011
It's probably a really good shield though... it's platinum. SUPER platinum.
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